Christian Larger Desk Classroom Flag, All Sizes


Christian Empire Brand larger stick Flag. These brightly-printed stick flags are made from a silk-like polyester fabric.

This deluxe flag has fully sewn edges and is great for parades, events, classroom decoration, or grave marking.

Comes securely stapled onto a ebonized wood staff with gilt gold spear tip.

A) 12″ X 18″ – 3/8″ X 30″ Dowel
B) 16″ X 24″ – 3/8″ X 36″ Dowel
C) 24″ X 36″ – 7/16″ X 48″ Dowel


Annin silk like polyester Christian Stick Flag.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
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12" X 18", 12" X 18" – Grave Marker, 16" X 24", 24" X 36", Classroom Bracket


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