Fireman Maltese Cross Memorial Grave Marker, All Styles


These official memorial grave marker designs, by Annin, are made to accept either a push-in 3/8″ x 17 1/2″ aluminum rod for the plastic version or 3/8″ x 21″ threaded aluminum rod for the aluminum version.  Each grave marker has an open back slot that allows one to display a single 12″ x 18″ flag on a 3/8″ diameter flagpole staff.

Each one is molded to reveal the design.  Some assembly required.

Style: Fireman Firefighter
Material: Plastic, Cast Aluminum, and Bronze
Marker Size (Excluding rod): Approximately 6″ diameter

This poly cotton flag celebrates America’s bravest in brilliant red and gold.  Securely stapled to 30″ x 3/8″ natural wood dowel with gilt spear tip.

Great for parades, events, decoration, or grave marking.


Fireman Fire Fighter grave site memorial marker used with United States stick flag.  Available in plastic or aluminum.

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Weight 0.8125 lbs
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Aluminum Grave Marker, Fireman Stick Flag, Plastic Grave Marker


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