Israel Miniature Desk Flag, 4″ X 6″


The Israel table top desk flag is typically smaller than a regular flag, usually measuring around 4 inches by 6 inches. It is often made of lightweight polyester material and attached to a 10″ black plastic flag pole and typically used with a small plastic or wooden base, allowing it to stand upright on a flat surface.

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The Israel table top desk flag features a rectangular design with a white field and a blue Star of David (Magen David) in the center. The Star of David is comprised of two interlocking equilateral triangles, creating a six-pointed star.

The white field represents purity, peace, and innocence. It signifies the desire for harmony and coexistence within the nation.

The blue Star of David is a prominent symbol of Judaism and represents the Jewish heritage and identity of the Israeli people. It is a powerful emblem of Jewish unity, protection, and resilience.

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