Official Auto Racing 7 Desk Flag Set, 4″ X 5″


Official Auto Racing Flags Set, 4×5″ with base – set includes Start flag, Caution flag, Stop flag, Go to Pit flag, Move Over flag, Last Lap flag & Finish (checker)flag, plus 7-hole base.  Each set is individually boxed.


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We are pleased to offer the 4″ x 5″ desk flag set of Official Auto Racing. Each flag is stapled to a @3/16″ X 10″ black plastic staff with gold-colored spear top.

Flag base is black plastic with6 flag holes around in a circle and 1 flag hole in the center.


Set of 7 Flags and 7-hole plastic base individually boxed as a set.

Flags Included: Checker, Start, Caution, Stop, Last Lap, Move Over, & Black.

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