POW-MIA Nylon Flag, All Styles


The National League of Families POW/MIA flag, also known as the POW/MIA flag or simply the POW flag, consists of a silhouette of a prisoner of war before a guard tower and barbed wire in white on a black field. The design has been in use since 1972.

Our POW/MIA flags are direct silk-screened onto vat dyed black nylon with the white ink, which is heavily-pigmented, opaque, and brighter in appearance.  We feel that our version of the flag is far superior to any of the dyed designs.  On the dyed design the black background is not as vivid and since a dyed design doesn’t put ink where the seal is, the white nylon showing through looks muted.

The single seal style has the design looking reverse (backwards) on the back side.  The double seal style has a seal sewn to the back side so that both sides read correctly.

Each flag is professionally sewn and finished with strong canvas heading with brass grommets.  Typical house sized flag is going to be 3′ X 5′.   8′ X 12′ and larger flags are finished with canvas roped heading with galvanized thimbles on each end.


POW MIA larger outdoor flags are finished with canvas heading and brass grommets while the ceremonial presentation flags are finished with line pole hem sleeve and 2″ yellow gold fringe.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

12" X 18" – SIngle Seal, 2' X 3' – Single Seal, 3' X 5' – Single Seal, 4' X 6' – Single Seal, 5' X 8' – Single Seal, 2' X 3' – Double Seal, 3' X 5' – Double Seal, 4' X 6' – Double Seal, 5' X 8' – Double Seal, 6' X 10' – Double Seal, 8' X 12' – Double Seal


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