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SunSetter Topflight Bottom Swivel Replace Part FP013-1

SunSetter Topflight Bottom Swivel Replace Part FP013-1


Assorted replacement parts for your SunSetter Topflight Telescoping Flagpole.

Tools Needed:

  • None

Parts Supplied:

  • FP013-1 Bottom Swivel

1. Remove the clip from the bottom swivel. 

2. Note the orientation of the swivel. The flat side is up and the curved side is down. 

3. Spread the loops and pull the old bottom swivel away from the flagpole. 

4. Orient the new bottom swivel the same as the old bottom swivel. 

5. Spread the loops of the new bottom swivel and slide it over the flagpole. 

6. Reinstall the clip removed in step 1. 

7. Test the flagpole for proper operation.

We do offer combined shipping rates.  Just purchase the items and we will send you out an invoice for the items.

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Bottom Swivel 

Part Number FP013-1

Item Number: FP013-1