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SunSetter Topflight Tube #2 Bottom Cap Part FP014-1

SunSetter Topflight Tube #2 Bottom Cap Part FP014-1


Assorted replacement parts for your SunSetter Topflight Telescoping Flagpole.

Tools Needed:


  • Phillips screwdriver


Parts Supplied:


  • FP014-1 #2 Bottom Cap Assembly
  • Mounting Screws (2)


1. Remove the two top sections of the pole by first lifting tube #2 until the button locks. Next, depress the button and extend tube #2 completely out of tube #3. 

2. Remove the bottom cap mounting screws and remove the bottom cap. 

3. Align the slot in the new bottom cap with the track inside the tube and slide the new bottom cap into the tube. 

4. Install the two bottom cap mounting screws. 

5. Place the two top tubes back into tube #3. Lower them slowly until the button pops out of the hole in tube #3. Be sure to line up the slot in the bottom cap with the track on the inside of the tube. 

6. Test the flagpole for proper operation.


Tube #2 Bottom Cap

Part Number FP014-1


Item Number: FP014-1