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SunSetter Topflight Tube #1 Button Replace Part FP018-1

SunSetter TopFlight Replacement Flagpole Parts


Assorted replacement flagpole parts for your SunSetter Topflight Telescoping Flagpole.  When you look for places to buy American flags or flagpole parts, Flagpro has the best selection and you can rest assured that all of our outdoor American flags for sale are made in the U.S.A. 

Tools Needed:


  • Phillips Screwdriver

    Parts Supplied:
  • FP018-1 Tube #1 Spring Button Assembly


1. Remove the top section of the pole by holding in the button while extending the section upwards and sliding it out of pole #2. 

2. Remove the top cap mounting screw and remove the top cap (the piece the gold ball screws into.) Slide the top and double swivels off the top end of the section of the pole. 

3. Remove the two bottom end cap screws from the tube you removed, and remove the bottom cap. 

4. Remove the screw, if this is one, located next to the spring button. Depress the spring button into the tube assembly if it is not already depressed. 

5. Position the pole vertically so that the spring button is at the bottom. Drop a screwdriver, handle first, down the inside of the pole to knock the button assembly out. 

6. Install the new button assembly into the bottom end of the pole, flat side first. Use a long screwdriver to maneuver the button into its resting place, with the button popping out of the hole. If you removed a mounting screw in step 4, DO NOT install the button assembly mounting screw, as it is no longer needed. 

7. Reinstall the bottom end cap with the two mounting screws. 

8. Slide the double swivel and then the top swivel onto the top of the section of the pole. 

9. Reinstall the top cap with the mounting screws. 

10. Place tube #1 back into the main tube assembly. Lower it slowly until the button pops out of the hole in tube 2. Be sure to line up the slot in the bottom cap with the track on the inside of the tube. 

11. Test the flagpole for proper operation. The button should automatically pop into the hole as you raise the section.


Tube #1 Spring Button Assembly

Part Number FP018-1

Item Number: FP018-1