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Aluminum Adjustable Bracket for 1" Diameter Flagpole

Adjustable Ultimate Premium Aluminum Flagpole Bracket

Displaying your flag at home or at your business couldn't be easier than using one of our cast aluminum adjustable brackets.  Choose between the Ultimate Adjustable or the Standard Adjustable.  Both styles are meant for 15/16" or 1" outside diameter flagpoles.

The Ultimate adjusts to 13 different positions including Vertical and Horizontal.  The EZ-Grip Thumb Screw allows for securing your flagpole within the bracket shaft.  If you have a windsock, the open slots allow for you to insert your 1/4" diameter fiberglass rod.  Lastly the open slots on the back of the mounting base allows you to use secure the bracket onto poles utilizing the the stainless steel mounting bands. 

The Standard Adjustable flagpole bracket also allows you to display your flag pole at anyone of five positions including vertical and horizontal.  The thumb screw allows you to snug your pole into the bracket.

Both bracket designs are great for flags or decorative banners and are one of the may types of flagpole parts and flagpole accessories that we have listed within the Flagpro store.

  Ultimate Adjustable Standard Adjustable
Origin Imported Made in U.S.A.
Adjust Positions 13 Different Positions including Vertical and Horizontal 25°, 50°, 65°, Vertical, and Horizontal
Shaft Length @3 1/4" @3 1/2"
Mounting Base @3 1/2" X 2 1/2" @3" X 3"
Mounting Screws No Yes
Finish Painted Silver or White Powder Coated
Can Use Stainless Steel Bands Yes No


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