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Non Tangle Rod Standard All Sizes

Non Tangle Rod Standard All Sizes




To help curtail the flag from wrapping around the pole, this stainless steel non-tangle rod has a vinyl clamp at the bottom to attach to your flag.  There is no rule on whether the patch get's placed at the top or the bottom of the flag, but in most instances the bottom is the common practice.

**A non-tangle rod patch must be added to your flag so that the clamp has more to grip.  This non-tangle rod is not meant for vertical poles or home use.  Rope and flag must be routinely inspected for wear and loose connections to avoid property damage and/or personal injury.**

2 1/2' length for 3' x 5' or 4'x 6' flags sizes (1 clamp)
4' length for 5' x 8' or 6' x 10' flag sizes (1 clamp)
7' length for 8' x 12' & larger flag sizes (1 clamp)

Use drop down menu to choose length.

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