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Annin Quick Stick Bracket Up to 5/16" in Diam

Annin Quick Stick Bracket Up to 5/16 in Diam



The Annin Quick Stick Flag Bracket works great for mailboxes, railings, posts, columns, and more.  Holds flags, pennants, pin-wheels, spinners, and windsocks.  No tools required.  Firmly adheres to metal, plastic, brick, stone, glass, and more.

Accepts up to a standard 5/16" staff diameter.

The conformable and tenacious industrial strength adhesive is suitable for a variety of smooth, irregular, and varied surface areas.  Excellent integrity and adhesion in humid/high water conditions.  UV-resistant/rustproof bracket.

Rated application at >32 degrees.  May typically apply at 50 to 60 degrees.  Ideal application range is 65 to 100 degrees.  Instant tact at ambient temperatures.  Bond increases over time.  (24hrs = 90% bond).  Designed to withstand severe weather, once bonded.

Test to visualize desired positioning before removing tape liner.  Carefully position bracket, as once the bond is set, the bracket is permanently/semi-permanently adhered to substrate.  Porous surfaces work better when sealed.  Results may vary.

*Not for use on wallpaper or delicate surfaces.*

**Not For Use On Any Moving Vehicles**

For Best Results:  Tape adheres well to clean, dry surfaces.  Typical surface cleaning with rubbing alcohol and water (50/50).  To Remove:  Carefully cut tape with knife, thin wire, or floss.

Proudly Made in the USA


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