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United Nations UN 193 Member Miniature Desk Flag Set, 4" X 6"

Annin United Nations Desk Set



United Nations member nations desk flag set by Annin Flagmakers.  Complete set of 193 nations (subject to change) miniature desk flags stapled onto a 3/16" X 10" black plastic staff with gold spear tip.

When you combine this with the UN Member set base, you can create a stunning center piece display with the addition of the stand, sold separately.  When assembled, the total length of this grand stand is almost 133" in total length.  Each side section is 51" in length while the center section is 38" in length.  This stand is almost 6" tall in the center and has a depth of 5 3/4" at its widest point.

With our wide range assortment of International, State, Historic, Military, or even United States desk flags available within the Flagpro store, you will be able to create a great conversation piece.  This display can be used for business and social events along with weddings.

Made in U.S.A.

Item Number: 217200