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Polyester Pre-Bagged Flagpole Rope, All Styles

Flagpole Replacement Rope Halyard

Flagpro offers a complete line of rope halyards that are specifically design for the rigorous demands of outdoor flagpole systems.

External roped and cam cleat flagpoles do need periodic maintenance and one of the items that takes the brunt of the wear and tear is your halyard rope.  You rope is exposed to all the elements that Mother Nature can put forth 24/7/365.   Periodic inspection of your flagpole halyard can alleviate the day when the rope breaks and you're left wondering on how you are going to get up the pole and replace it. 

Polyester Fibers were first produced in the United States by DuPont in 1946. Polyester fiber characteristics are that they have low stretch and offer excellent UV resistance. Similar in appearance to Nylon fiber ropes, polyester ropes have excellent resistance to surface abrasion, and are rot and mildew resistant.

All of our pre-bagged packages are considered Solid Braid.  Solid Braid ropes are produced in 12 and 20 strand (carrier) constructions.   The construction of the rope creates a firm round rope that maintains its shape while in use, yet flexible.  Solid braided ropes performs well on blocks and pulleys.  A variety of fibers can be used based on the required application.  Multiple color combinations are also possible with this rope construction.

This is just one of many replacement parts that we have listed within the Flagpro store.

Flagpole Height Roped Length Rope Diameter
15' 30' 3/16"
20' 40' 3/16", 1/4", or 5/16"
25' 50' 1/4" or 5/16"
30' 60' 1/4" or 5/16"
35' 70' 5/16"
40' 80' 5/16"
45' 90' 5/16"
50' 100' 5/16"
60' 120' 3/8"

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