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Betsy Ross Larger Desk Flag, 8" X 12"

Betsy Ross Larger Desk Flag, 8 X 12

Miniature International flags. 100% dyed polyester with hemmed edges, mounted on a 18" black wood staff with gilt speartip. Authentic detailed designs, perfect for the desktop, or centerpiece decoration.

Today this version of the 13-Star, 13-Stripe Flag is familiar to everyone. Surprisingly, it was scarcely known at the time of the American Revolution. Most of the Flag patterns in use then had their stars arranged in rows; an oval of 12 stars with one in the center was also often seen. However, U.S. law did not specify any official pattern for the stars until 1912.

This design with the stars in a ring is popularly associated with Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress from 1776 through the 1820's. Today thousands of visitors annually visit the Betsy Ross House, where the first Flag was supposedly made.

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