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Parade Color Guard Military Belt Flag Pole Sling, All Styles

Parade Color Guard Marching Band Military Flag Sling

Our Parade Flag Carrying Belts are a perfect compliment for marching bands, color guards, military organizations, and other ceremonial events that want to display their flags while marching. 

Each of our parade flag carrying slings are fully adjustable, and are available in full cotton webbing, a combination of cotton webbing and leather, or full leather.  The plastic cup is securely riveted to the leather backing. 

The single style drapes around the neck while the double sling styles goes around the shoulders.  For longer parades, the double styles have been shown to be more comfortable for supporting heavier flag sets for longer periods of time. 

The base cup section can hold either 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4", or 1 3/8" diameter flagpoles.  

Parade Sling Style Belt Material Cup Holder Material
Single Webbing Webbing
Double Webbing Webbing
Single Webbing Leather with Plastic Cup
Double Webbing Leather with Plastic Cup
Single Leather Leather with Plastic Cup
Double Leather Leather with Plastic Cup

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