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Chicago Illinois City Sewn Nylon Flag, 5' X 9.5'

City of Chicago Illinois IL Casket Flag


City of Chicago Flag - 5x9.5 ft Interment (casket) size.  100% Nylon City of Chicago flag, with joined stripes and hand-sewn appliqued stars (sewn,not printed), entirely lock-stitched. Our Chicago city flags are made in Chicago. Finished with sturdy canvas header and brass grommets. This 5x9.5 ft. flag is sized and stars sewn specifically for use on a casket. The Chicago City Flag (Municipal Flag of Chicago) is decorated with four 6-ponted stars, symbolizing Chicago's great historical events: Fort Dearborn, The Great Chicago Fire, The World Columbian Exposition & The Century of Progress exposition. The blue stripes symbolize the branches of the Chicago River. The motto of the City of Chicago is Urbs in Horto, meaning "City in a Garden".

YouTube Video Sewing City of Chicago Stars  YouTube Video Trimming City of Chicago Stars

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