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Dallas Texas Dyed Nylon City Flag, All Styles

City of Dallas Texas TX Outdoor Nylon Flag

The current flag of Dallas Texas was adopted February 13, 1967. The flag was designed by E. L. Gilchrist.  Dallas’s earlier flag was in use between 1916 and 1967.  This flag resembled the state of Ohio flag and had a red stripe across the top and a blue stripe across the bottom.  The center of the flag contains the state of Texas outline in white with a star and the name "Dallas" marking the city's location within the state.

Made to Official city design specifications, our larger outdoor state flags along with our boat and nautical flags utilize the latest in digital printing technology to replicate the most detailed of designs onto a 100% heavyweight nylon material that's durable and fast-drying.  Each flag is professionally sewn and finished with strong canvas heading with brass grommets.  Typical house sized flag is going to be 3' X 5'.   8' X 12' and larger flags are finished with canvas roped heading with galvanized thimbles on each end.

Flagpole Height Suggested Flag Size
15' 3' X 5'
20' 3' X 5'
25' 4' X 6'
30' 5' X 8'
35' 6' X 10'
40' 8' X 12'
45' 8' X 12'
50' 10' X 15'
60' 12' X 18'

**All sizes are typically made to order.  Please allow up to 7 to 10 working days for shipping.**

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