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Bronze #313 Outrigger Stationary Flagpole Truck OT Series

Bronze #313 Outrigger Stationary Flagpole Truck OT Series


The stationary OT outrigger series of trucks are made of a cast aluminum with a 1/2" - 13NC spindle threading and secures the ornament with 1 stainless steel pan head screw (size 10-32).

The trucks are secured to the flagpole by one 1/4"-20NC stainless steel set screw on the 2" truck and three 5/16"-18NC set screws on the larger sizes.

Each cast nylon pulley is secured with a 1/4" stainless steel axle.  The OTH, OT1, OT25, & OT35 trucks come with a 1 1/2" outside diameter pulley while the OT2, OT3, and OT325 come with a 2" outside diameter pulley.

The maximum rope halyard diameter is 5/16".  You can find a variety of rope halyards and ornaments within the store.


Item Number: OTH-BRONZE
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