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Budget Economy Wood 2 Piece Flagpole, All Sizes

Eder Budget Economy Wooden Flag Poles

Traditional looking wood flagpoles have been used for residential flag display for decades.  Our two piece economy budget wood flagpole is 15/16" in diameter and comes supplied with a plastic positive lock screw joint, two nylon flag ties, and gold vinyl ball.

These flagpoles will work with any of the 1" diameter flagpole brackets we have listed within the Flagpro store or 1" flag attachment or spinning rings.

Available in three different lengths.

Style Height Sections
BP-2 6' 3' top and bottom section
BP-7 7' 4' top and 3' bottom section
BP-1 8' 4' top and 4' bottom section


Item Number: BP-2
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6+  
Price $15.50 $14.73 $13.95