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State of Georgia Nylon Flag, 6' X 10'

State of Georgia Nylon Flag, 3 X 5


Made to Official State Design Specifications, our state and territorial flags utilize the latest in digital printing technology to replicate the most detailed of designs onto a 100% heavyweight nylon material that's durable and fast-drying.

Each flag is finished with strong canvas heading and brass grommets.

Adopted in 2003, the flag bears three stripes consisting of red-white-red, and a blue canton containing a ring of 13 white stars encompassing the state's coat of arms in gold.  The arch symbolizes the state's constitution and the pillars represent the three branches of their state government: legislative, executive, and judicial. The words of the state motto, "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation" circle around the pillars and are guarded by a soldier dressed in colonial attire. In God We Trust is below all of the elements acting as the state's "foundation". The stars symbolize Georgia's status as one of the original colonies.

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