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November N International Code of Signal Flag, All Styles

November Code of Signals Boat Flags

The International Code of Signals (ICS) flags are used internationally by vessels to communicate messages regarding safety of navigation and related matters.  Individual flags can be hoisted up to display their message to others.

The system was set up by first establishing a standardized alphabet (the letters A through Z and the ten digits), along with a spoken form of each letter.  

Single Letter meanings are different and may be made by any method of signaling.  Additionally each letter has its own phonetic spelling.

Letter Code Word Pronunciation Single Letter Meaning
N November NO VEM BER No or Negative or This signal may be given only visually or by sound.  For voice or radio transmission the signal should be "NO".

All of our Code of Signal flags are made with 200 denier nylon, sewn throughout with double-stitch seams in approved colors.  Choose between the the traditional Rope & Ash Toggles, Brass Snaps & O Rings, or Canvas Heading with Brass Grommets.  Make sure you check out the other nautical flags that we have listed within the store.

Code of Signal Size Code of Signal Measurements
Size #0 (Zero) 1' x 1 1/4" (12" x 15" / 30cm x 38cm)
Size #2 (Two) 1 1/2' x 2' (18" x 24" / 45cm x 60cm) 
Size #3 (Three) 2' x 2' (24" x 24" / 60cm x 60cm)
Size #7 (Seven) 3' x 3' (36" x 36" / 91cm x 91cm)
Size #10 (Ten) 4' x 4' (48" x 48" / 121cm x 121cm)
Size #14 (Fourteen) 4' x 6' (48" x 72" / 121cm x 182cm)

**Individual Code of Signal Flags are made to order, please allow up to 8 business days for shipping.  Currently only flags with Canvas Heading & Brass Grommets are available.**

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