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State of Oregon Presentation Flag, 3' X 5'

State of Oregon Fringed Indoor Parade Presentation Flag

Oregon State Fringed Presentation Flag, 3x5' - Presentation and ceremonial fringed display flags are typically seen within private and public office building entrances, within courtrooms, on grade, high school, or collegiate stages when they are hosting events or debates, or they are utilized in parades and color guard usage. 

Each flag has flag gold fringe, lined pole hem sleeve, and 2 mounting tabs to attach to an existing flag pole.  

The Oregon state flag is the only state flag with different designs on each side. The Oregon state flag has a reverse side to its seal, but it is not seen on any flag. On the obverse, the central part of the state seal appears. Thirty-three stars representing the number of states in the Union when Oregon won admittance surround a heart-shaped shield. The shield image is of a wagon train arriving at the Pacific Ocean with a rising sun in the background. A scroll bears the state motto "The Union" and the name and date are above and below the seal. The reverse design shows a beaver on its dam. Both designs are yellow on a blue field. 

**This fringed presentation flag is made to order.  Please allow up to 3 working days for shipping.**

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