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SunSetter Topflight Tube #3 Bushing Replace Part FP021-1

SunSetter Topflight Tube #3 Bushing Replace Part FP021-1


Assorted replacement parts for your SunSetter Topflight Telescoping Flagpole.

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver

Parts Supplied:

  • FP021-1 Clear Bushing Assembly

1. Remove the top two sections of the pole by holding in the middle button and extending the sections upwards and out of pole # 3. 

2. Remove the tube #3 clear bushing by depressing the two clear tabs while pulling the clear bushing up and out of the pole section. Note the alignment of the old bushing. 

3. Align and insert the new clear bushing into the tube section. 

4. Place the top two tube sections back into the main tube assembly. Lower them slowly until the button pops out of the hole in tube 3. Be sure to line up the slot in the bottom cap with the track on the inside of the tube. 

5. Test the flagpole for proper operation.

We do offer combined shipping rates.  Just purchase the items and we will send you out an invoice for the items.

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Tube #3 Clear Bushing 

Part Number FP021-1

Item Number: FP021-1