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Spinning 1" Diameter Aluminum Flagpole, All Styles

Anti Furl Free Spin Spinning Aluminum Flagpole

The Aluminum Spinning flagpole is either five or six feet long and are available in either a brushed aluminum, white finish, or wood grain finish.  The top forty inches of the pole rotates on ball bearings so your flag will virtually hang free.  There is no need for an unfurling tube.

Each flagpole is supplied with a ball top, two flag fasteners for flying a traditional flag with brass grommets and also with a snap and swivel ring for displaying banner type flags with pole sleeves.  

Two styles utilize the gold tone ball ornament while 1 style has the silver tone flag pole topper.

If you want to upgrade the flag pole topper, then the Wood Grain Ball Ornament is the perfect option.

Unfortunately all of the flagpoles are imported.  This is one of the many residential and commercial flagpole replacement parts that we have within the Flagpro store.

Eder Spinning Aluminum Flagpole Anti Furl Spinning Aluminum Flagpole Top

 **These flagpoles are only meant for flags with grommets or sleeved banners in the sizes of 2' x 3', 2.5' x 4', and 3' x 5' only.**


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