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Turkey Nylon Flag, All Styles

Turkey International Nylon Flag


Turkey is a country in the Middle East that borders Eastern Europe and Western Asia.  The country has a long coastline along both the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.  Its land borders include the countries of Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.  The capital is Ankara.  The current flag design has its origin going back to 1844 and legally standardized on May 29, 1936.

All of our international nylon flags conform to current United Nations member specifications based on the flag design that's currently being flown at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City. 

All nautical flags along with our larger outdoor flags are suitable for interior or exterior usage and are finished with strong canvas heading with brass grommets.  The indoor and ceremonial parade presentation flags have hand-sewn 2" yellow gold fringe lined pole hem sleeves with tabs and are made to order, please allow up to 6 working days for production.

 FMAA Certified

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