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United States U.S. Presentation Flag & Sets, All Sizes

United States Old Glory Fringed Indoor Parade Presentation Flag

United States "Old Glory" presentation and ceremonial fringed display flags are typically seen within private and public office building entrances, within courtrooms, on grade, high school, or collegiate stages when they are hosting events or debates, or they are utilized in parades and color guard usage. 

Each flag has densely embroidered stars, lock-stitched hand-sewn stripes, lined pole hem sleeve, and 2 mounting tabs to attach to an existing flag pole. 

Complete your Presentation Flag with the our indoor mounting kit.  The "Basic Set" includes the Liberty floor stand (weighted), 7S plastic eagle, and either the 1 1/4" X 8' oak finish flagpole for 3' X 5' Presentation Flags or 1 1/4" X 9' oak finish flagpole for 4' X 6' Presentation flags.  The "Premium Set" includes an upgrade to the 7A metal eagle and the Admiral AM-G metal stand for the 3' X 5' Presentation Flags or Admiral AAA metal stand for the 4' X 6' or 4 1/3' X 5 1/2' Presentation Flags.  The 5' X 8' set includes our largest 11A metal eagle, our tallest oak finish flagpole of 1 3/8" x 12', and the Admiral AAA metal stand.  All of the flag sets include a 108" Gold hanging cord with tassels.

**All of the flags are typically made to order.  Please allow up to 7 working days for shipping.**

freeship.jpg Made in USA FMAA Certified 

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