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U.S. Marine Corps USMC Nylon Flag, 5' X 8'

U.S. Marine Corps USMC Nylon Flag, 2 X 3


A variety of colors were carried by the United States Marine Corps troops from the Revolution onward. Their designs varied. The emblem of the Corps, consisting of a globe placed over an anchor and bearing at the top an eagle, has been in use from at least the First World War onward. The globe features the New World, site of most early Marine Corps military engagements. Red and gold were made the official colors of the Corps in 1925 and the current standard (flag) of the Corps was established in 1939. The scroll held in the beak of the eagle in this flag bears the Latin motto SEMPER FIDELIS (Always Faithful).

This U.S. Marine Corps USMC Flag is suitable for Indoor our Outdoor Display.  The flag is made of 100% Nylon and comes finished with canvas heading with two brass grommets.

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