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United States U.S. Navy USN 2-ply Spun Poly Flag, 3' X 5'

United States U.S. Navy USN 2-ply Spun  Poly Flag, 3 X 5


In 1959 a special seal was created for the United States Navy. Later that seal was used on a flag to be displayed on shore by color guards. The basic design was a reproduction of the Navy seal which had been in use for almost 200 years. It shows a Revolutionary War vessel with the national flag, the naval pennant, and the rank flag of the commanding officer. In the foreground is an American bald eagle with a large anchor behind it. In the official seal the foreground showed some land. However, when the flag was adopted the Secretary of the Navy insisted that only the ocean be represented, without any land area.

This U.S. Navy Flag is suitable for Indoor our Outdoor Display.  The flag is made of 100% 2 ply spun polyester and comes finished with canvas heading with two brass grommets.

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