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United States U.S. Sewn 2-ply Spun Polyester Flag, All Styles

United States Spun Polyester United States Flags For Sale

United States sewn 2-ply spun polyester flags are the strongest and longest lasting "all-weather" institutional and commercial flag on the market today.  Made from an open-weave polyester material, this time-tested standard has been American's best U.S. flag friend for over 30 years.

- The open weave polyester is specifically engineered to let the wind pass through, reducing stress on the flag.  The perfect fabric for high wind situations and flags that re flown every day.

- Large, vivid stars are richly embroidered with ultra-bright polyester thread or, in the case of flags 15' X 25' or larger, brilliant white star appliques.

- Seams are double-needle stitched with premium extra strength polyester thread, color matched to stripes with back-stitch reinforcements.

- Four rows of high strength lock-stitching on the fly ends reduces fraying and extends the flag's life.  Six rows of stitching on larger flags.

- Sturdy, weather resistant brass grommets provide greater flag security in flags up through 6' X 10'  Larger flags feature a roped heading with galvanized thimbles on each end.  Garden banner has simple pole hem across top 12" side while the larger banners have pole sleeve and leather tabs.

- Flags 15' X 25' and larger are finished with reinforcing corner patches on the fly hem. 

Flagpole Height Suggested Flag Size
15' 3' X 5'
20' 3' X 5'
25' 4' X 6'
30' 5' X 8'
35' 6' X 10'
40' 8' X 12'
45' 8' X 12'
50' 10' X 15'
60' 12' X 18'
70' 15' X 25'
80' 20' X 30'
90' 25' X 40'
100' 30' X 50'
110' 30' X 60'


We have stock up through 12' X 18' currently.  

Lingering COVID and continued labor shortages are still impacting production lines within the industry.  If you would like to order a larger flag, it's best to call and place your order over the phone.  Lead times could be anywhere from weeks to multiple months currently.**

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