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U.S. Army 2-ply Spun Poly Flag, 3' X 5'

U.S. Army 2-ply Spun Poly Flag, 3 X 5


The flag for the United States Army was created in 1956. It has a white background with emblems in blue and red -- national colors. The design was based on the Army seal adopted in 1779 by the Continental Congress. It includes a cuirass (breast plate) that represents the Army defending the nation. There is also a liberty cap of the type used in the Roman Empire and a pike carried by certain military officers. Cannon, cannonballs, a mortar, powder flask, and a rattlesnake (such as appeared on some Revolutionary War flags) complete the design. The date at the bottom (1776) indicates the year the United States Army was officially established.

This U.S. Army Flag is suitable for Indoor our Outdoor Display.  The flag is made of 100% 2 ply spun polyester and comes finished with canvas heading with two brass grommets.

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