AdvertisingFlag Co Privacy Policy We regard your privacy as an important aspect of our commitment to customer service.

We will not share or sell any information (name, address, purchasing habits, etc.) that we collect from you in the course of your transactions with us.

We only maintain account information as a means of record keeping as standard business practice. You may contact us toll-free at (888)352-4776 at any time to correct any contact or billing information, or request that we do not mail future product information to you.

We use secure transaction technology, privacy controls and restricted employee access to your records, in order to protect your personal data. You need not register to purchase items in our online store. For your security, no payment information can be saved should you choose to be a registered customer – credit card info must be entered each time you order. No payment information for your transactions reside on our website server in any case.

When shopping on line, the sites you visit may have privacy policies, or no policy at all. We urge you to be informed about the privacy policies of web sites before giving out personal information.

Advertising Flag Co., Inc. reserves the right to limit quantities of any offered product, and the right to decline acceptance of any offer to purchase without incurring liability of any kind. Products and/or prices offered for online purchase may not available through other means of purchase from Advertising Flag Co., Inc. or it’s subsidiaries