Nylon and Polyester Outdoor American Flags

When you buy American Flags you should be aware that they are available in different fabrics, to allow for choice regarding appearance, durability, color-fastness, mildew and rot resistance plus personal preference. Your choice of American Flag fabric can also hinge on the size of U.S. Flag being flown, and it’s cost. Our United States Flags all have one thing in common: they are made from the finest domestic fabrics, and feature heavy-duty construction. All stripes are sewn with lock-stitched seams, and stars are dense-embroidered (or zig-zag appliqued in the larger sizes) – and, of course, they are Made in America, by Americans!

These tough 100% 2-ply, spun-woven American Flags resist high winds. Their open weave reduces fabric stress for longer wear, and like our new Millennium Nylon American Flags, they employ a new dye and coloration process that insures superior resistance to fading. Polyester U.S. Flags are ideal for larger flags flown 24 hours a day, especially in high wind areas. Click here to see our selection.

Tough, woven 2-ply polyester U.S. Flag
Signature Series U.S. FLAGS

The Highest Quality American Flag, for the discriminating customer. The finest ColorFast nylon that far exceeds the government standards for the United States Flag, plus:
Extra-large, Ultra-bright Stars – densely filled with high-gloss polished white thread, sparkle in the sunlight.
ColorFast Guarantee – No other American Flag has colors that last longer.
Carefully Lock-Stitched Construction – Adds longevity and resists tattering and fraying.
Attractive Presentation Packaging – Classy, stylish box – Makes a great gift!
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Carefully lock-stitched construction

Really large rich, dense-embroidered stars


A revolutionary advance on the dye and coloration process for flag nylon has enabled the production of these color fast American Flags. Even with genuine SolarMaxDuPont flag nylon, the red and blue in U.S. flags has not only faded, but often changed color after long exposure to sunlight. The Old Glory Red would become a cold orange, and the Old Glory Blue a light purple over time. The new Millennium Nylon American Flags will still lighten over time, but never change color. We guarantee that, for one full year from the date of purchase,if your Millennium U.S. Flag changes color we’ll replace it free. Click here to see the selection of Millennium Nylon U.S. Flags.
Highly fade-resistant, flys in a light breeze


America's popular choice among U.S. Flags