The flag of Bermuda features a British Red Ensign with a Union Jack in the upper left corner and Bermuda’s coat of arms in the center. The coat of arms features a shield with a depiction of a shipwreck on rocks, representing the treacherous reefs surrounding the island. Above the shield is a royal crown. Below it is a banner that reads “Quo Fata Ferunt,” which means “Whither the Fates Carry.”

The red ensign with the Union Jack in the upper left corner is a common flag design. British Overseas Territories use it. The inclusion of the Bermuda coat of arms in the center of the flag makes the Bermuda flag unique.

Bermuda adopted the current design of its flag on October 4, 1910, after becoming a British Crown Colony. The flag is an important symbol of Bermuda’s British colonial heritage and its unique island culture.