A-Frame Chalkboard Signage


Introducing our A-Frame Chalkboard Signage kit, comprising an A-Frame Board & Chalkboard with options for blank or printed graphics. Replacement A-Frames and Chalkboards also available.

  • Frame available in black or white
  • Durable plastic construction prevents rust and splinters
  • Frame can be filled with water or sand for stability
  • A molded handle makes it easy to move
  • Folds flat for transport or storage
  • Kit includes two Chalkboards; each Chalkboard is either blank or comes with printed graphics
  • Artwork is printed directly onto the chalkboard; customize with handwritten messages (chalk markers recommended, not included)
  • Chalk or chalk markers work in unimprinted areas only (chalk markers recommended; not included)
  • Tabs on the frame keep chalkboards securely in place

**Please allow up to 15 working days for shipping.**

Imprinted Chalkboard Graphics Art Template   A-Frame Instructions

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A-frame chalkboard signage stands as a versatile and dynamic marketing tool widely embraced by restaurants and businesses. This iconic signage solution offers a unique blend of functionality, creativity, and adaptability. It’s a popular choice for businesses aiming to capture attention and communicate effectively.

Likewise, the A-frame comes in classic black or white, seamlessly integrating into various business aesthetics for prominent messaging. Its dual-sided nature ensures maximum visibility, allowing businesses to attract foot traffic from both directions.

The A-frame kit typically includes either two blank chalkboards or custom-printed chalkboards, catering to diverse marketing needs and preferences. Blank chalkboards offer businesses creative freedom, enabling spontaneous messages, daily specials, or quirky drawings to engage passersby effectively. On the other hand, custom-printed chalkboards enable businesses to maintain brand consistency and convey targeted marketing messages effectively.

One of the key features of A-frame chalkboard signage is its stability. The frame is ingeniously designed to be filled with water or sand, anchoring the signage securely in place. This feature ensures stability in windy conditions, preventing tipping over and maintaining a professional appearance consistently.

The adaptability of the A-Frame extends beyond its stability. The portable nature lets businesses position the signage strategically, whether outside the entrance, on a sidewalk, or at events. This flexibility ensures maximum exposure, enhancing brand visibility and driving foot traffic to the business establishment effectively.

Moreover, A-frame chalkboard signage encourages interaction and engagement with customers. The tactile chalkboard invites interaction, fostering a sense of connection and community between the business and its patrons.The interactive element adds charm to the marketing strategy, creating memorable experiences that resonate with customers long after passing by.

In conclusion, A-frame chalkboard signage emerges as a powerful and versatile tool for restaurants and businesses seeking to make an impact in a crowded marketplace. With its customizable chalkboards, stable frame design, and interactive nature, A-frame signage enables businesses to communicate messages effectively, drive foot traffic, and foster meaningful connections with customers. The A-frame chalkboard signage continues to shape the landscape of modern marketing, one message at a time.

Additional information

Weight 27.5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 29 × 5 in
A-Frame Color

Black, White

A-Frame Style

Blank Chalkboard, Printed Chalkboard, Unimprinted Chalkboard Insert, Printed Chalkboard Insert (1 Piece), Printed Chalkboard Inserts (2 Pieces), Black A-Frame (No Graphics), White A-Frame (No Graphics)


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