Annin Non Tangle Rod, All Sizes


Prevent flag tangling with the Annin Flagmakers stainless steel non-tangle rod. Attach the vinyl clamp to the flag’s bottom for optimal grip. Add a non-tangle rod patch for better performance. Please note usage restrictions and ensure regular inspections for safety. Various sizes available. Check out our range of flagpole accessories and more.

**A non-tangle rod patch should be added to your flag so that the clamp has more to grip.  This non-tangle rod is not meant for vertical poles or home use.  Rope and flag must be routinely inspected for wear and loose connections to avoid property damage and/or personal injury.**

2 1/2′ length for 3′ x 5′ or 4’x 6′ flags sizes (1 clamp) – 1.25 lbs
4′ length for 5′ x 8′ or 6′ x 10′ flag sizes (1 clamp) – 2 lbs


The Annin non tangle rod is specifically designed for outrigger type flagpoles. This innovative product provides a hassle-free flag flying experience by minimizing the flag from tangling around the pole. Available in 2 1/2′ and 4′ lengths, it caters to different flagpole lengths and installations.

The Annin non-tangle rod is a cylindrical or tubular device made of aluminum and steel. It is usually clamped horizontally on the flag. The length of the rod is typically slightly shorter than the width of the flag.

Installation of the non-tangle flagpole rod is straightforward. Clip the eye on the end to your flagpole snap and insert the hook portion into your flag’s grommet. Affix the red plastic clamp securely to your flag.  We generally encourage applying a patch to further enhance the friction power of the clamps.

The non-tangle flagpole rod offers numerous benefits for flag enthusiasts and businesses alike. Firstly, it reduces the frustration and time-consuming task of untangling a flag that has wrapped around the outrigger pole.

The non-tangle rod for flagpoles is a practical and convenient solution to prevent flag entanglement and maintain an attractive display. Residential, commercial, and public settings with flagpoles, such as government buildings, schools, stadiums, and private residences, commonly utilize it. By utilizing a non-tangle rod, flag owners can enjoy a visually appealing and properly displayed flag while minimizing the need for frequent flag adjustments or untangling.

Furthermore, the non-tangle flagpole rod promotes flag longevity. By preventing the flag from tangling and sustaining damage, it actively preserves the flag’s pristine condition. This is especially important for flags that hold symbolic or sentimental value, such as national flags or flags representing organizations or causes.

In conclusion, Annin Flagmakers’ non-tangle flagpole rod for outrigger type flagpoles is a reliable and practical solution for hassle-free flag flying. Its sturdy construction, unique design, and easy installation make it a preferred choice for both residential and commercial flag displays. With this innovative product, flag enthusiasts can proudly showcase their flags with confidence, knowing that they will wave with dignity and grace, untangled and undamaged, for years to come.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Non-Tangle Rod

2 1/2' Length, 4' Length, Replacement Clamp


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