Clear Internal Flagpole M-Winch


The “M” – Winch, the ultimate internal flagpole part with gearless and self-locking capabilities at any position. Experience effortless flag raising and lowering with this direct drive winch.

With its improved design, no welding is necessary, ensuring no discoloration when an anodized finish is required. Enjoy the convenience of no monthly lubrication.

Easily adapt the “M” – Winch to your existing on-site flagpoles. Simply insert it into the pole and secure it with a stainless steel bolt on the backside. Upgrade your flagpole with this reliable and efficient winch system.


The Eder clear internal flagpole M-Winch is a premium flagpole replacement part that offers exceptional functionality and convenience for internal halyard flagpoles. Crafted with durable materials and featuring a compact design, this winch system is versatile and compatible with various flagpole sizes and applications.

The standout feature of the Eder M-Winch is its user-friendly operation. Equipped with a manual crank or handle, it allows for effortless flag raising and lowering. The winch includes a self-locking mechanism, securely holding the flag at the desired height, eliminating the need for extra clamps. This ensures that the flag remains in position even during gusty winds, providing a reliable and visually appealing flag display.

Furthermore the replacement part includes a robust stainless steel cable that attaches to the flag and runs through the winch system. This high-quality cable ensures longevity and stability, allowing for smooth and controlled movement of the flag. The Eder M-Winch enables confident flag raising and lowering with ease, supported by a reliable and durable cable system.

Durability is a key characteristic of the Eder M-Winch. It is engineered using corrosion-resistant materials, making it highly resistant to the damaging effects of outdoor elements. This ensures that the winch remains functional and intact over an extended period, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

Additionally installing the Eder M-Winch onto existing flagpoles is straightforward due to its design specifically made for retrofitting. For proper installation and functionality, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek assistance from a professional.

In conclusion, Eder’s clear internal flagpole M-Winch offers superior ease of use, durability, and smooth flag movement as a replacement part. Lastly, upgrade your internal halyard flagpole with the Eder M-Winch for a seamless and dependable flag display experience.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
M-Winch Size

5" Pole Diameter w/.125" Wall, 5" Pole Diameter with .156" or .188" Wall, 6" Pole Diameter, 6" Pole Diameter w/.250" Wall, 7" Pole Diameter, 8" Pole Diameter, 10" Pole Diameter, 10 3/4" Pole Diameter, 12" Pole Diameter w/.250" Wall, 12" Pole Diameter w/.375" Wall, 12 3/4" Pole Diameter, 14" Pole Diameter


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