Custom Yard Sign, 24″ X 18″


Elevate your message with custom yard signs, perfect for lawns, offering a simple, cost-effective way to grab attention!

– 4 mm corrugated plastic construction
– Full-color artwork on one or both sides
– Corona treated to 50 dynes
– Stakes easily slide into fluted openings
– 100% Recyclable after use!

**Please allow up to 15 working days for shipping.**

Imprinted Yard Sign Single Sided Art Template

Imprinted Yard Sign Double Sided Art Template

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Custom yard sign serve as powerful tools for individuals, businesses, and organizations to convey messages, advertise events, or promote their brand effectively. Crafted from 4mm corrugated plastic and measuring 24″ x 18″, these signs offer durability and visibility, ideal for outdoor use.

The versatility of custom yard signs lies in their customizable nature. Available as either 1-sided or 2-sided images, they provide ample space for conveying messages and capturing attention from multiple angles. These signs offer a dynamic platform for communication, whether placed along busy streets, in front of homes, or at venues.

Businesses often utilize custom yard signs to advertise sales, promotions, or new products. Strategically placed outside storefronts or along roadways, these signs attract passing motorists and pedestrians, effectively increasing foot traffic and sales. Custom yard signs enhance brand visibility with vibrant graphics and clear messaging, serving as powerful marketing tools for attracting customers.

For individuals and organizations hosting events or celebrations, custom yard signs offer a practical solution for spreading the word. These signs generate awareness and anticipation for events like birthday parties, graduations, community events, and political campaigns. Event organizers can effectively communicate important details such as date, time, location, and theme with customizable designs and messaging.

One of the key advantages of custom yard signs is their versatility and reusability. Replacement panels, printed or blank, are available for easy messaging or graphic updates without purchasing entirely new signs. This cost-effective solution ensures that custom yard signs remain relevant and adaptable to changing circumstances or promotional campaigns.

Moreover, custom yard signs offer a cost-effective advertising solution compared to traditional forms of marketing. They offer an excellent return on investment for businesses of all sizes, with low production costs and broad audience reach. Custom yard signs offer lasting impact, serving as temporary signage for promotions or long-term branding tools with enduring value.

In conclusion, custom yard signs play a vital role in outdoor advertising, event promotion, and brand visibility. Their durable construction, customizable design options, and cost-effectiveness make them an indispensable tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. In conclusion, the custom yard sign offers diverse communication possibilities, from attracting customers to celebrating milestones and spreading awareness effectively.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 22 × 1 in
Yard Sign

Single Sided Kit, Single Sided Panel, Double Sided Kit, Double Sided Panel, Blank Kit, Blank Panel, H Stake


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