Fort Mercer 1777, Nylon 3′ X 5′


Fort Mercer 1775 flag, 3×5′ nylon – Step into history with our historical nylon reproduction flags, spanning the American Revolutionary War, Civil War, and beyond. Made from durable nylon, perfect for indoor or outdoor display. Professionally finished with canvas heading and #2 brass grommets.

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The Fort Mercer 1777 flag stands as a testament to the courage and resilience of those who defended Fort Mercer on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River during a pivotal moment in American history. Crafted from durable nylon, measuring 3’x5′, this modern flag honors sacrifices made for freedom’s cause. Finished with a canvas heading and grommets, the flag not only embodies the spirit of the Revolutionary War era but also offers a tangible connection to the past for contemporary admirers.

The flag’s design serves as a visual encapsulation of the values and struggles of the time. Thirteen stripes alternate, Old Glory blue and pristine white, evoking unity and determination within the classic design. These stripes symbolize the original 13 American colonies that rallied together in the fight for independence.

In the canton, deep Old Glory red forms a backdrop for a remarkable pattern: 13 white, eight-pointed stars. These stars are arranged in the standard rows of 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, further emphasizing the significance of the original colonies. It honors diverse colonies united against tyranny and oppression, a testament to their shared purpose and resolve.

More than history, it symbolizes valor shown by Fort Mercer defenders, resonating with their unwavering courage. The flag at the fort site, overlooking Delaware River, poignantly recalls sacrifices by those who defended against British forces. It commemorates the determination of these American patriots who withstood the onslaught, contributing to the broader struggle for independence.

In modern times, the Fort Mercer 1777 flag remains a symbol of honor and patriotism. A visual link to the past, it inspires and connects us to enduring U.S. foundational principles. Its design features alternating blue and white stripes. Lastly, the constellation of stars on a field of red proudly recalls fortitude shaping the nation’s early history.

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