Flagpole Counterweight, All Styles


Counterweights are required in Internal Halyard flagpole systems to assist in lowering of flags.  They also ensure the flag hangs and flies properly in winds by keeping the flag taught.  Three sizes allow the proper choice of counterweight based on wind zone and flag size flown.

All of our counterweights are fabricated from 2″ diameter steel and then coated with plastisol, to ensure longevity.  The  3 1/2″ counterweight is supplied with one eye-bolt attached to one end while the 7″ and 14″ have eye-bolt attached to each end.

This is one of the many internal and external halyard flagpole replacement parts that we have within the store.

Flagpole Height Suggested Counterweight Weight Lbs.
20′ 3 1/2″ 3.3
25′ 3 1/2″ 3.3
30′ 3 1/2″ 3.3
35′ 7″ 6.7
40′ 7″ 6.7
45′ 7″ 6.7
50′ 7″ 6.7
60′ 14″ 13
70′ 14″ 13
80′ 14″ 13



The Eder Flag Company offers a reliable and practical solution for internal halyard flagpoles with their flagpole counterweight. Designed specifically for this purpose, the flagpole counterweight is an essential accessory that will help ensure proper flag display and operation. Available in white, silver, bronze #313, and black, these counterweights provide functionality and options to match flagpole aesthetics.

The Eder flagpole counterweights come in three different sizes: 3 1/2″, 7″, and 14″. The 3 1/2″ counterweight weighs approximately 3.3 pounds, the 7″ counterweight weighs around 6.7 pounds, and the 14″ counterweight has a weight of approximately 13 pounds. Choose counterweight size to match your flagpole’s height and wind load requirements for optimal performance.

The 3 1/2″ counterweight features a single eyebolt attachment, while the 7″ and 14″ counterweights have eyebolt attachments on each end. This design enables easy installation and secure attachment to the internal halyard system of the flagpole. By connecting the counterweight to the halyard, it helps maintain proper tension and ensuring your flag remains visible and unfurled even in windy conditions.

Crafted with durability in mind, these flagpole counterweights are built to withstand outdoor elements. Constructed from high-quality materials, these counterweights resist corrosion and wear, guaranteeing exceptional durability and longevity. The reliable construction of these counterweights provides peace of mind, knowing that your flagpole will continue to operate smoothly.

Whether you have a residential flagpole or a commercial flagpole, the counterweights offer a convenient and effective solution. They are an essential accessory for internal halyard flagpoles, contributing to the overall functionality and aesthetics of the flag display.

In conclusion, Eder Flag Company specially designs these counterweights as accessories for internal halyard flagpoles. Counterweights in white, silver, bronze #313, and black provide practicality and color choices that match your flagpole. Available in three sizes with secure eyebolt attachments, they provide the necessary weight to maintain proper flag tension. Crafted for durability and capable of withstanding outdoor elements, these counterweights ensure long-lasting performance. Moreover enhance your flagpole functionality and display with the reliable and versatile Eder flagpole counterweights.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 lbs
Counterweight Color

White, Silver, Bronze #313, Black

Counterweight Length

3 1/2", 7", 14"


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