Premium Blade Sail Accessories


Enhance the functionality and longevity of your Premium Blade Signs with Premium Blade Sail Accessories. These essential additions offer practical solutions for storage, stability, and durability.

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The Premium Blade Sail Sign Accessories offer a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions designed to enhance the functionality, stability, and longevity of your Premium Sail Signs. Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of indoor and outdoor advertising, these accessories ensure your sail signs perform at their best in various environments.

First and foremost, protect your investment with a dedicated soft case for your Premium Sail Sign. This soft-sided case, constructed from durable 600 denier polyester, ensures safe and secure storage for your sail sign. It shields the sail sign from damage during transport and storage. This case is especially useful for businesses frequently moving their advertising materials between locations, offering convenience and protection.

For ground support, the ground spike is an excellent option. Made from chrome-plated steel with a nylon polymer bearing cover, this spike is durable. Insert it into the soil to serve as a sturdy base for sail sign hardware. Integrated ball bearings allow smooth, 360-degree rotation, ensuring your sail sign pivots freely with the wind for maximum visibility.

The Premium Sail Sign accessories also include various scissor bases to accommodate different flag sizes. The three-legged scissor base supports 6′-7′ sail sign flags, while the four-legged scissor base supports flags 8′ and taller. These bases provide stable platforms for your sail signs, whether used indoors or outdoors. Additionally, the heavy-duty cross base is designed to robustly support sail sign hardware. Each foot features a hole to accommodate ground spikes for added stability (ground spikes not included).

Mount the vehicle sign sail base under a vehicle tire to support sail sign hardware. This base folds shut for easy storage, making it ideal for mobile advertising and events.

The Premium Sail Sign hardware is available for 7′, 9′, 13′, or 15′ Razor Sail Signs. The flags attach securely to a fixed hook on the pole using the included bungee tie kit. The poles themselves are crafted from carbon composite material, known for its strength and flexibility. They feature a uniform carbon composite overlay construction with a high-gloss black paint finish. The poles also have polished aluminum collar segment ends and an ergonomic, rubber-reinforced base grip.

For additional stability, water ballasts are available in different shapes. A round water ballast is for 7′, 9′, and 13′ Razor Sail Signs, and a square water ballast is for the 14′ Razor Sail Sign. These ballasts provide the necessary weight to keep your sail signs anchored in windy conditions.

Lastly, the replacement tie kit for sail sign flags includes a metal hook and clip with a nylon elastic cord. This secures the flags to the hardware and ensures they remain taut and properly displayed.

In summary, the Premium Sail Sign Accessories provide essential, high-quality solutions for protecting and stabilizing your sail signs. They enhance the performance of your sail signs, making them a valuable addition to any promotional toolkit.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 6 × 6 in
Premium Sail Sign Kit Sizes

7' Kit, 9' Kit, 13' Kit, 17' Kit

Premium Sign Accessories

Round Water Ballast, Square Water Ballast, Tie Kit, Soft Case, Hardware, Ground Spike, 3 Leg Scissor Base, 4 Leg Scissor Base, Heavy Duty Cross Base, Vehicle Base


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