United States Fringed Flag, All Sizes


Enhance your patriotic displays with our United States fringed flag.  Perfect for offices, courtrooms, stages, parades, and color guard usage.

Each flag features densely embroidered stars, lock-stitched hand-sewn stripes, a lined pole hem sleeve, and 2 mounting tabs for easy attachment to existing flagpoles.

Complete your presentation flag with our indoor mounting kits. The “Basic Set” includes the Liberty floor stand, plastic eagle, and oak finish flagpole. Upgrade to the “Premium Set” for a metal eagle and Admiral metal stand. The 5′ X 8′ set includes our largest metal eagle, tallest flagpole, and Admiral stand. All sets include a 108″ gold hanging cord with tassels.

 FMAA Certified


The United States fringed flag is a distinguished symbol of patriotism and honor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this flag exudes elegance and reverence. Available in sizes ranging from 2’x3′ up through 5’x8′, it is suitable for various display settings and occasions.

Featuring densely embroidered stars and precisely hand-sewn stripes, this flag exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship. The fringe adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the flag’s visual appeal. Every aspect of the flag, from the quality of materials to the precision of stitching, is designed to reflect the utmost respect for the United States and its heritage.

The United States flag with fringe is FMAA certified, ensuring its adherence to the highest industry standards. This certification guarantees that the flag is made from top-quality materials and exhibits outstanding durability and colorfastness. It is constructed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while maintaining its vibrant colors and crisp appearance.

To complement the flag, a lined pole hem sleeve and two mounting tabs are incorporated, facilitating easy attachment to a flagpole. This ensures a secure and graceful display, whether it is in a residential setting, at a public event, or within a government institution.

For a complete presentation, consider pairing the flag with an indoor mounting kit. The “Basic Set” includes a weighted Liberty floor stand, a plastic eagle, and an oak finish flagpole suitable for 3’x5′ flags. The “Premium Set” offers an upgrade to a metal eagle and an Admiral AM-G metal stand for 3’x5′ or 4’x6′ flags. The largest set, for 5’x8′ flags, includes an 11A metal eagle, a tall oak finish flagpole, and the Admiral AAA metal stand. All sets include a gold hanging cord with tassels, adding a touch of elegance to the display.

Displaying the United States nylon flag with fringe showcases your reverence for the nation’s ideals and history. Its impeccable craftsmanship, FMAA certification, and availability in various sizes make it an exceptional choice for honoring important occasions, ceremonies, or displaying your patriotic pride.

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Weight 0.35 lbs
United States Presentation Flag

2' X 3' – Plain, 2' X 3' – Fringed, 2 1/2' X 4' – Plain, 2 1/2' X 4' – Fringed, 3' X 5' – Plain, 3' X 5' – Fringed, 4' X 6' – Plain, 4' X 6' – Fringed, 4 1/3' X 5 1/2' – Plain, 4 1/3' X 5 1/2' – Fringed, 5' X 8' – Plain, 5' X 8' – Fringed, 3' X 5' Basic Mounting Kit, 3' X 5' Premium Mounting Kit, 4' X 6' & 4 1/3' X 5 1/2' Basic Mounting Kit, 4' X 6' & 4 1/3' X 5 1/2' Premium Mounting Kit, 5' X 8' Premium Mounting Kit


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