A-Frame Signage


Introducing our A-Frame Signage kit, comprising an A-Frame Board & Signboard with options for 1-sided or 2-sided graphics. Replacement A-Frames and Signboards also available.

  • Frame available in black or white
  • Durable plastic construction prevents rust and splinters
  • Frame can be filled with water or sand for stability
  • A molded handle makes it easy to move
  • Folds flat for transport or storage
  • Kit includes two signboards; each signboard is printed with either single-sided or double-sided graphics
  • Signboards are constructed of 4 mm corrugated plastic
  • Tabs on the frame keep signboards securely in place

**Please allow up to 15 working days for shipping.**

Single Sided Graphics Art Template    Double Sided Graphics Art Template    A-Frame Instructions

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A-Frame signage has become an integral part of marketing strategies for restaurants and businesses due to its versatility, eye-catching design, and ease of use. This type of signage, also known as sidewalk signs or sandwich boards, typically comes in either black or white colors. This allows businesses to choose a hue that complements their brand or catches the attention of passersby.

The A-frame kit is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to make a strong visual impact. The kit includes two custom printed signboards made of 4 mm corrugated plastic, balancing durability with lightweight flexibility effectively. The material ensures signage withstands weather, suitable for outdoor use without compromising aesthetics, offering durability and visual appeal.

Businesses can customize the graphics on the signboards to meet their specific needs and branding requirements effectively. This includes the option for one-sided or two-sided graphics, providing an opportunity for businesses to maximize visibility from multiple directions. Whether it’s showcasing daily specials, promotions, or simply the business logo and name, the customizable nature of the A-frame signage allows for creativity and effective communication.

One of the notable features of the A-frame is its stability. Filling the frame with water or sand stabilizes it, preventing the sign from tipping over in windy conditions. This stability is crucial for ensuring the safety of pedestrians and maintaining the professional appearance of the signage.

The portability of A-frame signage is another key advantage. Businesses can easily move and relocate the signs as needed to optimize visibility and target different demographics. Whether placed near the entrance of a restaurant, on a sidewalk, or at a local event, A-frame signage provides a cost-effective and dynamic way to attract foot traffic.

A-frame signage boosts visibility and communication for restaurants and businesses, proving to be a versatile and effective marketing tool. Furthermore, with customizable graphics, durable materials, and the option for stability through water or sand filling.  In conclusion,  A-frame signage proves to be a valuable investment for any marketing strategy, providing a compelling and mobile advertising solution.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 29 × 5 in
A-Frame Color

Black, White

A-Frame Style

Single Sided Graphics, Double Sided Graphics, Black A-Frame (No Graphics), White A-Frame (No Graphics), Single Sided Replacement Board, Double Sided Replacement Board


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