Canadian Provincial Flags, All Provinces 3′ X 6′


All of Annin Flagmakers thirteen provincial and territory flags that we offer within the store are made in the 1:2 ratio to exacting standards.  Each flag is brightly dyed and finished with strong canvas poly heading & brass grommets.

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  FMAA Certified


Canadian Provincial flags and territories, each with its own flag. Here is a brief description of each:

  1. The Alberta flag is blue, with the provincial shield in the center showcasing a landscape of mountains and a rising sun. This design represents the beauty and natural resources of the province.
  2. The British Columbia flag is based on the shield of the provincial coat of arms. It includes a Union Jack, a crown, and a setting sun over a Pacific Ocean inlet.
  3. The Manitoba flag features a red field with the provincial shield in the center. The shield depicts a buffalo standing on a rock, symbolizing the strength and resilience of the province.
  4. The New Brunswick flag is a banner of arms. It showcases a gold lion on a red field, accentuated by a yellow border.
  5. The Newfoundland and Labrador flag features a blue field with a diagonal cross in pink, white, and green. The center is adorned with a golden arrow and three gold disks.
  6. The Northwest Territories flag is blue, with a white field in the center showcasing a stylized polar bear and a yellow arctic sun. This design represents the region’s unique wildlife and its position in the Arctic.
  7. The Nova Scotia flag is a banner of arms, featuring a blue saltire on a white field. In the center, there is a red lion symbolizing the province’s connection to Scotland.
  8. The Nunavut flag features a gold inukshuk, a traditional Inuit stone landmark, in the center. It is set on a field of blue and yellow, representing the sky, sea, and Arctic tundra.
  9. The Ontario flag showcases the provincial shield in the center, divided into two sides. The left side displays green and gold, while the right side features red and white, representing the province’s natural beauty and Canadian heritage.
  10. The Prince Edward Island flag features a coat of arms with a golden lion prominently displayed on a vibrant red field. Surrounding the lion are oak leaves, symbolizing the island’s natural beauty and rich heritage.
  11. The Quebec flag proudly displays a white cross on a striking blue field, representing the province’s rich French heritage. Adorning each corner of the flag are four elegant white fleurs-de-lis, adding a touch of regality and symbolism.
  12. The Saskatchewan flag showcases a vibrant green background, symbolizing the province’s fertile land and natural beauty. The shield at the center showcases wheat and a prairie lily, symbolizing Saskatchewan’s abundant agriculture and natural beauty.
  13. The Yukon flag catches the eye with its distinctive green and white background, which sets the stage for a captivating central circle. In the circle, a stylized coat of arms features a striking red cross, radiant sun disk, and flowing blue river line.

In addition, constructed from durable nylon material, flag designers have designed this flag to withstand the outdoor elements. Furthermore the nylon fabric is lightweight, allowing the flag to flutter gracefully even in the slightest breeze. Additionally its vibrant colors are fade-resistant, ensuring that the flag remains bold and vibrant over time, whether displayed outdoors or indoors.

Moreover, the flag is FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America) certified. Henceforth this certification guarantees that the flag manufacturer produces the flag according to the highest industry standards. Even so, the FMAA certification ensures top-quality nylon fabric, meticulous stitching, and accurate representation of the flag’s colors and design.

Likewise, the FMAA certification indicates that a reputable and trusted flag maker manufactures the Canadian Provincial flag. Additionally, the flag maker commits to delivering flags of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Furthermore, by choosing a nylon FMAA-certified flag, individuals and organizations can proudly display their support for the Canadian Provinces with confidence.

In conclusion, the each Canadian Provincial flags represents the the uniqueness of each Province. Additionally the vibrant colors, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make it a powerful symbol of Canadian identity and pride. The certified flag is flown at official events or displayed in schools, represents its values and spirit. Lastly during national celebrations, people can proudly wave it, further showcasing the pride and identity of the country.

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Canada Provincial Flags

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavat, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, The Yukon


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