Annin Classroom Flag Holder


Annin’s black stamped steel bracket designed to be used indoors for office or classroom setting where you want to display United States flag at a 45 degree angle from the wall.  The metal spring tab on each bracket can hold a 3/8″ to 5/8″ diameter staff.

No mounting hardware included.

This flag pole holder is just one of the various flagpole accessories that is listed within the store.

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The Annin Classroom Flag Holder is a simple yet reliable solution for displaying classroom flags. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, it is the perfect accessory for educators and students alike. This flag holder is specifically designed to accommodate staffs ranging from 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch in diameter, providing a secure and stable display for flags of various sizes.

With its sleek black color, the Classroom Flag Holder seamlessly blends into any classroom environment. The minimalist design ensures that the focus remains on the flag itself, allowing it to stand out and command attention. Designed specifically for indoor use, this holder is ideal for classrooms, assembly halls, and other educational settings.

Easy to install and use, the Annin Classroom Flag Holder requires no mounting hardware. Simply insert the flag staff into the holder, and it will securely hold the flag in place. This user-friendly design enables quick and hassle-free flag displays, saving valuable time for teachers and students.

Built to last, Annin Flagmakers crafts the Classroom Flag Holder with their renowned commitment to quality and durability. The durable materials and sturdy construction ensure long-lasting performance, providing a reliable flag display solution for years to come.

The Classroom Flag Holder is not only functional but also enhances the learning environment. It promotes a sense of patriotism and civic pride, serving as a visual reminder of the values and ideals that the flag represents. By proudly displaying the flag in the classroom, educators can foster a sense of unity, respect, and appreciation for the nation’s heritage among students.

In summary, the Annin Flagmakers Classroom Flag Holder is a versatile and essential accessory for classrooms. Its simple yet effective design, accommodating size range, and durable construction make it the go-to choice for educators who wish to display flags with ease and pride.

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