Colonial Series #2 Desk Flag Set, 4″ X 6″


A boxed desk flag set of 5 flags with base is a comprehensive collection of miniature flags designed for display on a desk or tabletop. The set typically includes five different flags, each representing a specific theme, country, or organization, along with a sturdy base to hold the flags securely.

Set of 5 flags including Taunton, Bunker Hill, Pine Tree, First Navy Jack, and Serapis by Annin Flagmakers.

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The Annin Colonial Series #2 Desk Flag Set is a meticulously crafted tribute to the rich history of the American colonies. This exceptional set features five iconic flags that played significant roles in the formation and early years of the United States. These flags include the Taunton flag, Bunker Hill flag, Pine Tree flag, First Navy Jack flag, and Serapis flag.

Furthermore, each flag within the set holds a unique significance:

1. The Taunton flag, the first to symbolize the colonies’ frustration and resistance, captures the spirit of the American Revolution. It embodies their refusal to accept persecution and their courageous struggle for freedom.

2. The Bunker Hill flag was raised and flown during the famous Battle of Bunker Hill. It serves as a powerful symbol of bravery, defiance, and the unwavering determination of the colonial forces.

3. The Pine Tree flag, an emblem of New England, represents the distinct identity of the colonies. It embodies the resilient spirit of the New England region.

4. The First Navy Jack flag embodies the spirit and determination of early American seafarers in the first American Navy. It symbolizes their fight for American independence.

5. Serapis: The Serapis flag, though small in size, carries immense historical significance. The Serapis flag symbolizes the naval battle between the USS Bonhomme Richard and HMS Serapis during the American Revolutionary War. It represents the strength, resilience, and triumph of the American naval forces.

Expert artisans meticulously craft each flag in the set with vibrant colors and durable materials. The 10-inch staffs ensure an impressive display, while the five-hole plastic stand securely holds each flag for effortless presentation.

Thoughtfully packaged, it’s an ideal gift for history enthusiasts, educators, or anyone who appreciates the US heritage. In addition, it serves as a historical addition, reminding us of the sacrifices, struggles, and triumphs that shaped our nation.

In summary, the Colonial Series #2 desk flag set honors the history of the American colonies. Additionally, this set features vibrant flags, expert craftsmanship, and thoughtful packaging. Lastly, it serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices and triumphs that shaped the United States of America.

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