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Introducing the Annin Flagmakers Brass Banner Hook & Eye Assembly, a reliable tool for displaying gonfalons. Crafted from durable brass, this assembly features two essential components: the eye and hook. Its clever design allows smooth transitions from handheld mobility to secure display with a floor stand.

Gonfalons, large ceremonial banners, are commonly used in processions, parades, and special events. Symbolic designs represent organizations, institutions, or causes. For a proper showcase, rely on the sturdy and efficient Annin Flagmakers’ Brass Banner Hook & Eye.

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The Annin Flagmakers Brass Banner Hook & Eye Assembly is a specialized and reliable tool typically used for displaying gonfalons. This assembly comprises two essential components: the eye and the hook, both made from durable brass material. Clever design enables seamless transitions from handheld mobility to secure display when used with a floor stand.

People commonly use gonfalons, large ceremonial banners, in processions, parades, and other special events.¬†Symbolic gonfalons bear emblems, crests, and designs, representing organizations, institutions, or causes with deep significance. Properly showcasing these majestic gonfalons requires a sturdy and efficient assembly like Annin Flagmakers’ Brass Banner Hook & Eye.

Screw the eye component into a wooden horizontal pole inside the banner sleeve for a secure fit. Banner sleeve, a top pocket-like compartment on the gonfalon, lets you insert a pole for structure and support. Once you securely fasten the eye to the wooden pole, handling and carrying the gonfalon becomes easy. This feature is particularly advantageous during processions and parades when individuals need to walk with the gonfalon.

Screw the hook into the vertical pole to provide main support for the displayed gonfalon. After the event, place the vertical pole with hook into a floor stand to display the gonfalon securely. The hook seamlessly connects with the floor stand, firmly holding the gonfalon in an upright position for all to admire.

One of the major advantages of the Brass Banner Hook & Eye Assembly is its ease of use and versatility. The simple screw-in mechanism allows for quick and effortless assembly, enabling smooth transitions between carrying the gonfalon and displaying it. This makes it a practical and efficient tool for various events and occasions.

Moreover, the use of brass material ensures the durability and longevity of the assembly. Brass’s resistance to corrosion and wear makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Brass Banner Hook & Eye Assembly endures weather and use, staying robust, reliable for years to come.

In conclusion, the Brass Banner Hook & Eye Assembly is an essential accessory for displaying gonfalons during processions and special events. Clever design: eye for horizontal pole, hook for vertical pole, allows seamless mobility and display transitions. Lastly, this brass assembly secures and elegantly presents gonfalons, a must-have tool for showcasing banners with pride and distinction.

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