Cross Flag Pole Toppers, All Styles


Embrace the enduring symbol of the Church with our exquisite cross flag pole topper ornaments. Available in various styles, including ABS Plastic and Metal, some with removable ferrules. All fit 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter. Choose from Annin and Eder designs, and inquire about options from Flagzone or Valley Forge. Reach out to our customer service for any inquiries.

Model Material Length Removable Ferrule Fits Oak Finish Flagpole Fits Aluminum Flagpole
CC Classic Plastic 8″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
56 Cross Metal 9 1/4″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
55AA Cross Metal 9 1/4″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
83 Botonee Metal 7 3/4″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
84 Botonee Metal 10 1/4″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
AC Catholic Metal 9″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
32 Star of David Metal 8 3/4″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
R-30 Passion Metal 7 1/2″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
SD-1 Star of David Metal 6 3/4″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others



Church cross flag pole toppers are essential accessories used for various occasions, including parades, color guard ceremonies, and church displays. These toppers serve as a symbol of faith and pride, adorning flagpoles with elegance and religious significance. Annin Flagmakers and Eder Flag offer a range of styles, each with its unique material and design.

Annin Flagmakers make the CC Classic Church Cross of durable ABS plastic. Despite lacking the luxury of metal crosses, its lightweight and cost-effectiveness make it practical for budget-conscious churches or casual displays. The ABS plastic ensures longevity, making it suitable for outdoor use without easily succumbing to weather elements.

For a more refined and regal look, Annin’s brass-plated aluminum Church Cross (55AA) is an excellent option. This cross combines the sturdiness of aluminum with the elegant allure of brass plating. The brass finish adds a golden shine, enhancing visual appeal and making it perfect for church events or parades.

Annin’s Botonee Cross styles (83 & 84) and the Style 56 Church Cross offer a classic and timeless appearance with their solid brass construction, polished to a mirror-like shine, and lacquered to maintain their luster. Crosses exude tradition, permanence, and are fitting for formal church displays or memorials with their imposing presence.

For the Catholic community, Annin Flagmakers presents the AC Catholic Cross made of aluminum with a jeweler’s golden finish. This cross style showcases attention to detail and craftsmanship, creating a captivating symbol for Catholic-oriented events and flagpole displays.

In addition to crosses, Annin also offers the Style 32 Star of David. This solid brass, polished, and lacquered emblem serves the Jewish community, carrying deep cultural and spiritual meaning. Its immaculate design adds grace and significance to flagpoles during Jewish festivals, events, or religious gatherings.

Eder Flag provides the R-30 Metal Passion Cross, which is likely to feature intricate detailing representing the passion of Christ. The metal cross is ideal for solemn processions, religious observances, or as a church display during Lent and other events.

For the Jewish community, Eder Flag offers the SD-1 Metal Star of David. This emblem features a captivating design that symbolizes Judaism and Jewish identity. Displaying this emblem on a flagpole during Jewish holidays or community events adds cultural pride and spiritual meaning.

Furthermore, all the mentioned flag pole toppers have a 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter, ensuring compatibility with most flagpoles. This standard size makes them versatile and easily interchangeable between different poles, allowing for hassle-free setups and take-downs.

In conclusion, church cross flag pole toppers are meaningful accessories that add significance, pride, and elegance to parades, color guard ceremonies, and church displays. Various styles cater to different budgets and occasions, including ABS plastic and polished solid brass crosses. Choosing Annin Flagmakers or Eder Flag offers diverse options, catering to various religious communities and institutions. Whether it’s the iconic Christian crosses or the symbolic Star of David, these toppers stand as powerful symbols of faith. Additionally, they represent unity and devotion for their respective religious communities.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
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Metal, Plastic

Cross Flagpole Topper

Annin Classic Church Cross Model CC, Annin Church Cross Model 56, Annin Church Cross Model 55AA, Annin Botonee Cross Model 83, Annin Botonee Cross Model 84, Annin Catholic Cross Model AC, Annin Star of David Model 32, Eder Passion Cross Model R-30, Eder Star of David Model SD-1


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