Eagle Flag Pole Toppers, All Styles


Embrace the enduring symbol of the American Bald Eagle with our exquisite Eagle flag pole topper ornaments. Available in various styles, including ABS Plastic and Metal, with removable ferrules, and either Perched or Flying designs. All fit 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter. Choose from Annin and Eder designs, and inquire about options from Flagzone or Valley Forge. Reach out to our customer service for any inquiries.

Model Material Wingspan Removable Ferrule Fits Oak Finish Flagpole Fits Aluminum Flagpole
7S Perched Plastic 7″ No Yes Not Eder Brand
5A Perched Metal 5″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
7A Perched Metal 7″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
11A Perched Metal 10″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
Classic Flying Plastic 8 1/2″ Yes Yes Not Eder Brand
E-6 Flying Metal 6 1/2″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
E-5 Perched Metal 5″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others
E-7 Perched Metal 7″ Yes Yes Eder and Some Others



Enhance your parade and color guard sets with majestic Eagle Flag Pole Toppers, available in various styles from Annin Flagmakers and Eder. Annin offers the 8 1/2″ Classic Eagle in silver or gold, adding a timeless touch to your display.

For a durable option, consider the 7S Eagle, featuring the ABS Styrene style. You can choose between the 5A (5″), 7A (7″), and 11″ (10″) vacuum-plated aluminum castings, all exuding elegance and strength.

Looking to complement your flag set with Eder ornaments? The E-6 Flying Eagle at 5″ adds a dynamic touch, while the E-5 (5″) and E-7 (7 1/2″) Perched Eagles lend a regal presence to any presentation.

Each of these flagpole toppers is meticulously crafted, ensuring intricate details and a polished finish. Vacuum-plated aluminum casting ensures durability and a lustrous shine, making your set a sight to behold.

The Classic Eagle from Annin Flagmakers embodies American heritage, symbolizing freedom and patriotism. Choose silver or gold to complement your needs.

The 7S Eagle with ABS Styrene construction offers a lightweight yet resilient option for parades and color guard displays. Accordingly, nothing can match its lasting performance.

Eder’s Flying Eagle (E-6) brings an element of motion and dynamism, while the Perched Eagles (E-5 and E-7) evoke a sense of pride and strength.

Furthermore, all flagpole toppers come with a 7/8″ inside ferrule diameter, ensuring easy attachment and stability on your flagpole.

No matter the style you choose, Eagle Flag Pole Toppers symbolize American pride and unity, elevating your parade or color guard event.

Create a lasting impression with these regal ornaments embodying the spirit of the American Bald Eagle, symbolizing the Republic since 1782. Add a touch of distinction to your flag presentation with Eagle Flag Pole Toppers from Annin Flagmakers and Eder. Lastly, choose from various styles, sizes, and finishes.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Flagpole Topper Color

Gold, Silver

Flagpole Topper Material

Metal, Plastic

Eagle Flagpole Topper

Annin Model 7S, Annin Model 5A, Annin Model 7A, Annin Model 11A, Annin Model Classic, Eder Model E-6, Eder Model E-5, Eder Model E-7


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