Eder EWC Flagpole Bracket, All Styles


The Eder EWC flagpole bracket is a tried-and-true choice known for its versatility. It can be easily mounted to flat surfaces using the four drilled holes (hardware not included), or you can opt for the stainless steel mounting straps for a secure fit. The bracket’s slight concave cutout ensures a snug fit on round poles, while the thumb screw allows for easy adjustment and a secure hold of your flagpole.

The standard aluminum bracket is available in Silver or White, providing a classic and sleek look. For those seeking maximum strength and durability, the stainless steel option is the ideal choice, with both Standard and Mirror finish options available.

Whether you prefer the traditional aluminum style or the upgraded stainless steel version, the Eder EWC flagpole bracket offers a reliable and secure solution for displaying your flag. Its versatile mounting options and thoughtful design make it a popular and enduring choice among flag enthusiasts.

Choose the Eder EWC flagpole bracket to enhance your flag display, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a sturdy and visually appealing mounting solution.

Angle of Display Shaft Length Mounting Base Weight
Aluminum 35 Degrees @3 1/4″ @2″ X 2″ .45lbs
Stainless Steel 30 Degrees @3 1/4″ @2″ X 2″ 1.5lbs


The Eder EWC Flagpole Bracket is a versatile and durable bracket designed to securely hold flagpoles in place. Available in both aluminum and stainless steel options, this bracket offers flexibility and strength for various flagpole mounting needs.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the bracket ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to outdoor elements. The aluminum bracket provides a lightweight yet sturdy option, while the stainless steel bracket offers added durability and corrosion resistance.

Installation options are versatile as well. The bracket can be mounted using screws, providing a secure and permanent attachment to a wall, post, or other suitable structure. Alternatively, the stainless steel mounting strap option allows for easy installation without the need for drilling or permanent fixtures, making it ideal for temporary or adjustable mounting situations.

We designed the bracket with practicality in mind. Its 30 or 35 degree angle slot allows you 1″ flagpole pole to fit snugly with the supplied thumb screw.  This ensures that your flagpole remains securely in place and prevents unnecessary movement or wobbling.

Whether used for residential, commercial, or institutional applications, the Eder EWC Flagpole Bracket offers a reliable and stable solution. Install it on buildings, fences, poles, or any suitable surface for a versatile flag display option in various settings.

Furthermore the Eder EWC Flagpole Bracket exemplifies quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its robust construction and thoughtful design ensure the safe and secure display of your flag, allowing it to proudly wave in the breeze.

Choose the Eder EWC Flagpole Bracket to enhance your flag display and showcase your patriotism. Additionally this versatile bracket, available in aluminum and stainless steel, offers durability, compatibility with different mounts, and peace of mind.  Lastly trust Eder’s flagpole accessories for excellence, secure and visually appealing flag display, and confidence in their reputation.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A
EWC Bracket

Stainless Steel Standard Finish, Stainless Steel Mirror Finish, Sliver Finish Aluminum, White Finish Aluminum, Stainless Steel Strap – Up to 8 1/2" Diameter Pole, Stainless Steel Strap – Up to 12" Diameter Pole, Stainless Steel Strap – Up to 16" Diameter Pole


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