Eder Flagpole Parts


Keep your Eder Telescoping flagpole up to date with genuine replacement parts for your 15′ or 20′ pole.

If your flagpole is not working correctly, instead of buying a new one, look at replacing the troublesome parts listed below.

Part Description For Pole Size
Top Ornament Fitting 15′ & 20′
Top Stop Ring 15′ & 20′
Small Bushing 15′ & 20′
Medium Bushing 15′ & 20′
Large Bushing 20′
Pin Lock 15′ & 20′
Foundation Sleeve 15′ & 20′
Foundation Sleeve Cap 15′ & 20′
Foundation Sleeve Pin Bolt 15′ & 20′
Top Flag Harness 15′ & 20′
Bottom Flag Harness 15′ & 20′
Double Flag Harness 15 & 20′
3″ Gold Ball 15′ & 20′
Sleeve Clamp 15′ & 20′


Eder Flag offers a wide range of telescoping flagpole replacement parts to ensure the longevity and functionality of your flagpole. Whether you need foundation sleeves, bushings, harnesses, top ornaments, stop rings, or pin locks, we have you covered.

Foundation sleeves are essential for securely anchoring your flagpole into the ground. They provide stability and support to the entire structure, ensuring it withstands various weather conditions. Our foundation sleeves are made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

Bushings are used to create a smooth and seamless connection between different sections of the flagpole. They eliminate any gaps or unevenness, providing a clean and professional appearance.

Harnesses play a crucial role in raising and lowering the flag. We design them to securely hold the flag in place, preventing tangling or flying off during strong winds. We build our harnesses to withstand outdoor elements and ensure the proper display of flags.

The top ornament adds a finishing touch to your flagpole. It is typically decorative and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your flag display. We offer a variety of top ornaments in different designs and finishes to suit your personal style and preference.

We use stop rings to limit the vertical movement of the telescoping flagpole sections. They ensure that each section locks securely into place, preventing accidental collapse or shifting.

Hence, pin locks provide an additional layer of security to your telescoping flagpole. These components secure the sections together and prevent any unwanted movement or separation. Installing pin locks is easy and provides peace of mind, as they securely assemble your flagpole.

At Eder Flag, we understand the importance of high-quality replacement parts for maintaining the integrity of your telescoping flagpole. Furthermore we craft our parts with precision and ensure they withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Whether you need to replace a damaged component or upgrade your flagpole, our selection of replacement parts ensures a seamless and reliable flag display.

In conclusion, investing in Eder Flag’s replacement parts ensures durability, functionality, and visually appealing flagpole displays.. Lastly, browse our selection of top-quality parts and accessories today to enhance your flagpole and proudly display your flags.

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3" Gold Ball, Bottom Flag Harness, Double Flag Harness, Foundation Sleeve 15' Pole, Foundation Sleeve 20' Pole, Foundation Sleeve Cap 15' Pole, Foundation Sleeve Cap 20' Pole, Foundation Sleeve Pin Bolt, Large Bushing, Medium Bushing, Pin Lock 15' Pole, Pin Lock 20' Pole, Sleeve Clamp 15' Pole, Sleeve Clamp 20' Pole, Small Bushing, Top Flag Harness, Top Ornament Fitting, Top Stop Ring


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